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This is an agreement between two or more parties that wish to work together for the purpose of collaborating on a project.

It sets out the obligations, conditions, benefits, etc of each party.

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A distribution agreement is an agreement that governs the relationship between a manufacturer who supplies goods and a second partythat distributes the goods.

A Distribution Agreement can be used where you are looking to give your products to another company or person to market or sell on your behalf.

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A Non-disclosure agreement is an agreement that is used to protect confidential or sensitive information about one’s business.

An NDA helps in ensuring that recipient of the confidential information is bound not to reveal such information except when permitted by the law.

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Human Resources

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An employment contract is an agreement between an employer and an employee, designed to govern their relationship; duties, expectations, etc.

It emphasizes the rights and responsibilities of both parties

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A social influencer agreement is a legal contract that sets out the terms of any working relationship between a business owner and a promoter (influencer).

Given that influencer marketing has now become a highly viable marketing strategy, Social Influencer Agreement is useful in setting out clear expectations, conditions and terms of dealings with an Influencer engaged for business promotion.

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An independent contractor agreement is an agreement between an individual contractor and a client company for provision of consulting  services.

It includes information regarding the scope of work, payment, deadlines, etc

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Business Guide

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Registering a business is a step in the right direction. However, as exciting as it is (being the start of the entrepreneurship journey) the process could also seem daunting.

This simplified company registration guide contains all the requirements and procedures of incorporating a business.

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Copyrights and trademarks are important intellectual properties of a business. Understanding its importance and protection will prove useful in preventing intellectual property theft.

This copyright and trademarks guide explains what constitutes a copyright or trademark and to protect and restrict its use.

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The AfCFTA offers a window of opportunity for African Countries to boost intra-African trade, create inclusive and sustainable development in Africa. It aims to extinguish or reduce hindrances encountered by African entrepreneurs during the course on intra-African trades.

Here is a comprehensive and informative guide that is useful for understanding and harnessing the numerous advantages that the AfCFTA presents.

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The legal documents provided are a non exhaustive list of possible business agreements or guides you may need. Alongside our partners, we offer pro-bono legal advisory services where you require more information, have transactions that are not included here or you feel you need to speak to a professional. We have law firm partners across Africa who would provide such pro-bono legal assistance.

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