• Do I need to pay to use or download the documents?

No, it is absolutely free. ImpactHER Legal Resources provides pro-bono legal assistance to African female entrepreneurs to help 

  • What do I do if I do not fully understand the document or I need more information?

Feel free to reach out to us on [insert number]. Alongside our law firm partners, we also offer free legal advisory advisory services.

  • How would the other person sign the document?

E-law sign allows you to share and collect signatures on the custom contracts with whoever you would like to have access to the document. 

  • Can I share the document with my attorney/lawyer?

Absolutely! Once you have created your contract, you can share the document with your lawyer for review with E-law Sign. 

  • Is the consultation with the legal consultant or lawyer free?

The legal consultation is free to the extent that the required service is advisory.

  • Can I access the documents/services in my country?

The ImpactHER Legal Resources are available anywhere. Our legal documents are drafted to cover major African countries.